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Anti-aging Sunscreen - Elizabeth Arden TPF 50 spf

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At Bopp Dermatology and Facial Plastic Surgery, we recommend that daily sunscreen application should be as routine for patients as brushing their teeth. The overall goal of sunscreen usage is stopping sun damage that is going to accumulate day after day every time a person is exposed to the sun- not just prevention of sunburns.

Not all broad spectrum sunscreens are created equal.

For sunscreens to be labeled broad spectrum they must pass a critical wavelength test. The amount of UVA/UVB protection varies according to the wavelength. Switching from an SPF 30 to an SPF 60 product doubles the length of time that a person can be in the sun before getting to the same level of exposure and associated damage for UV rays. Most people apply only 25 to 50 percent of the recommended amount of sunscreen. They are not getting the SPF protection stated on the package. If patients apply less than 1 ounce (2 TBSP) over the entire body, they are in danger of receiving a less than optimal level of protection. Applying a high-SPF sunscreen can provide a margin of safety to ensure minimum levels of protection. Re-apply at least every two hours to ensure proper application level, to hit “missed spots” and after toweling or wiping off.

Bopp Dermatology and Facial Plastic Surgery is the first practice in Louisiana to offer Elizabeth Arden Rx -TPF 50 which is a comprehensive physical sunscreen.

Triple Protection Factor Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50+ was developed based on a unique combination of protective ingredients including:

 1. SPF 50: Broad Spectrum Physical sunscreen with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

 2. Antioxidant Complex: Unlike sunscreen, antioxidants scavenge free radicals before these harmful molecules can cause damage to skin cells. This antioxidant complex was designed specifically to protect essential skin proteins against harmful degradation.

 3. DNA Enzyme Complex: Helps protects against free radical damage to support the skin’s own natural repair system.

  • Essential step in all skin health and beauty regimens.
  • Has universal tint that is transparent after application
  • Suitable for the facial skin, neck, and décolletage.
  • Physical sunscreen which is recommended for daytime use.
  • Applied after cleansing and/or moisturizing
  • Works synergistically to create the most effective topical skin protection on the market