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Regenerating Skin Nectar

$21000 USD

Skin aging is the obvious external manifestation of a natural process occurring in tissues and organs throughout the body. Intrinsic processes (genetics, cellular metabolism and hormones) present with a gradually advancing loss of elasticity, fine lines and a slowed turnover of regenerating cells. Exposure to extrinsic factors (photo-damage, sunlight exposure, pollutants, chemicals, toxins) exaggerates the aging response by aggravating and hastening aging manifestations in the skin such as discoloration, deep lines and a major loss of elasticity. Cumulatively, these present as a recognized pattern of structural and physiologic changes that manifest as aged skin.

Regenerating Skin Nectar with TriHex Technology is a proprietary formulation designed to support the skin, before, during and after cosmetic procedures. This product works with the skin’s own natural regenerating process and assists in improving the skin’s appearance. Regenerating Skin Nectar can be applied immediately post procedure for faster recovery and healthier looking skin. Alastin Regenerating Skin Nectar is can be used to decrease redness post laser treatments.


- Enhances healthy skin by helping to clear damage and debris in the extracellular matrix

- Helps support the skin’s natural ability to produce new, healthy elastin and collagen

- High antioxidant activity is designed to calm the skin and reduce the appearance of redness

Suitable for all skin types and can be used immediately post-procedure.

Directions for Use:

Apply over face and neck. Allow to absorb before applying additional products. Can be used twice a day or as directed by your physician. Please consult your physician before using after post procedure.

*Paraben Free & Gluten Free*